• Building Design
  • Monuments and GateWays
  • Urbanism
  • Landscape Design
  • Urban Design
  • Interior Design

"I prefer drawing to talking, because drawing is faster and leaves less room for lies. "

Le Corbusier

Naqshyad Consulting Engineers is prepared to design all types of buildings, including residential buildings, offices, commercial, industrial, military, sports, health – education, cultural, religious buildings and so on.


Process of our service can be summarized as following:

  • Providing basic information design principles
  • Initial studies and project goals
  • Review of environmental factors and climate
  • Full identification of functional elements of the building
  • Plan physical (spatial) Plan
  • Schematic plan (plans, views and forms)
  • Project detailed design (architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical)
  • Project Cost Estimation

"A building's relationship with it's surroundings is an important criterion and according to it the building's artistic merit can be evaluated"

J. Apylton

With it’s brilliant record in designing Monuments, Gateways and similar structures and that a significant number of them have been elected in prestigious tournaments, Naqshyad Consulting Engineers is ready to provide the best service to the employers.


The process is summarized in following:

  • Studying the needs of employers
  • Creating ideas
  • Providing three-dimensional designs (perspectives)
  • Designing executive details
  • Project Cost Estimation

"Architects who have more to say are architects who really build."

Jean Nouvel

Naqshyad Consulting Engineers is ready to provide services for identical and non-identical urban projects with the best quality.


Service of process may be summarized as follows:

  • Comprehensive plan
  • Preparation of detailed designs
  • Preparation of Rural

"Everybody is an Architect and everything is architecture."

Hans Hvlayn

Naqshyad Consulting Engineers is ready to provide their environmental designs and landscaping, parks and green areas beautification service to employers.

A summary of the process is mentioned in following:

  • Receiving the basic information such as mapping
  • Field visits and collecting environmental data
  • Studying the area and it’s surroundings
  • Providing 2D plans and also 3Ds (perspective) if necessary
  • Designing Project Details
  • Providing project Cost Estimations

"Architects who have more to say are architects who really build."

Jean Nouvel

Naqshyad Consulting Engineers is ready to provide their urban designing service to the employers.


A summary of the process is in the following:

  • Collecting field data
  • Collecting library data
  • Developing a comprehensive report on the analysis of the collected data and developing proposal policies
  • Preparing primary designs according to basic Information and project policies
  • Preparing final designs

"Tablespoons of city architect defines the scope of work."

Walter Gropius

According to the needs of employers,Naqshyad Consulting Engineers has prepared a variety of interior spaces based on the expected performance of the design.


Interior of the process is summarized as follows:

  • accurate identification of functional space and expectations of beneficiaries
  • Evaluation of space constraints
  • plan a three-dimensional perspective
  • Design Project Details
  • Project Cost Estimation