Chabahar Free Zone Sports and Cricket Complex



Chabahar Industrial Free Trade Zone Organization



Design Date



Chabahar Free Zone Organization intends to establish a set of sports, service, recreational, residential and welfare uses under the title of sports tourist village; In this regard, a free zone for various sports of land with an area of ​​40 hectares in the form of a sports village has been considered in which a 2,000-seat Verna gymnasium with a base of 5,727 square meters has been constructed. .

Considering the variety of competitions, considering the maximum number of sports inside the site, considering the plan horizon (2022 World Cup in Qatar) and the need of the participating teams for an environment that is compatible with the climate of that region, holding camps for teams in a similar space is considered. .

Due to the considerable importance of playing cricket in Chabahar province, it is important to build a standard and suitable ground for international competitions and to attract national teams from neighboring countries to hold training camps and attract sports tourists, and the project is in the implementation stages.

Also, despite the great talents of Chabahar and polar athletes in the field of cricket and the support of this field, the construction of an international field in this region was necessary. 80% of the national cricket nationals of Iran in all age groups live in Chabahar, Konarak and Nikshahr, so launching a standard international stadium and holding Asian and international tournaments can not only improve the capacity of local athletes, but also provincial and national league competitions. And provide international

Total area of ​​the building: 30 hectares