Entrance of Imam Khomeini port support lands

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Ports and Maritime Organization of Imam Port



Design Date

2009 - 2011




Kerevan Jonoub Construction Co.


The entrance of Bandar Imam support lands with 60 meters of opening and arched structure is the largest entrance of its kind in the country, which is designed, built and installed using new technologies that are localized with the technical ability of local engineers and fully industrialized and engineered. Has been. In this structure, which consists of pipes with various sizes up to 22 inches and fabric, a very unique combination of structure and architecture is displayed, which can play a very symbolic and unique role in introducing the support lands of Imam Khomeini port. It was established with the aim of attracting domestic and foreign investors.

Project implementation

The complexity of the project is so great that it is completely different from other projects implemented in the country. Bending “22” pipes with very different and different arches and assembling them at different angles with bolts, making and installing thousands of pieces in a structure that does not have even a single right angle. Due to the complexity of the structure and the geometry of the element Detailed drawings of the construction workshop (Shop. Dwg.) Were made with the help of Solid work mechanical software to prevent any errors during construction. Solid work is a precise software for modeling very sensitive mechanical and machine parts such as aircraft and ship parts. This solution has been used in a limited number of projects under construction in the country, such as the metal structure of Milad Tower.

To control the quality of execution, cutting and welding of parts in all stages under the supervision of welding engineers according to API and AWS (American Petroleum Structures and American Welding Association) criteria. At the end of the construction of each group of parts, pre-assembly was done in several stages to correct errors in the factory so that the structural parts were corrected in at least two directions with their adjacent parts during the initial installation.

On how to bend the pipes “22” After studying and examining and even testing different methods, finally the bonding method was used and by applying changes in a special device for all bending with the utmost accuracy and in accordance with the various radii in The plans were made, and it can be boldly said that this was done for the first time in Iran.

The flanges made in the structure are completely unique in their kind and are designed exactly for this structure. In these flanges, by creating a gap in the tube “22 all the staples inside the tube” 22 are sunk and welded radially to the smaller inner tube, so the base plate connected to the flange is as small as possible and does not protrude from the perimeter of the tube “22”. These flanges are a unique example of architectural and structural harmony.

Protect the structure against corrosion

In order to protect the structure against corrosion, after many studies and detailed tests, three layers of coating were finally used;

Zinga, which is a type of cold galvanizing as the first layer, MIO coating as the second layer and polyurethane paint as the third layer, is a very suitable coating for protection and beauty of the structure, which can guarantee the beauty and freshness of the structure for years. .


This symbolic gateway will play a very important role in introducing Imam Khomeini port and inviting the world to enter Iran through this port, especially since its goal is to attract domestic and foreign investors.

It should be noted that ports as entry and exit points to countries with maritime borders need to be introduced and their own advertising that this introduction through the media, video advertising, teasers and television programs, etc. should be done on a large scale. . The construction of this symbolic entrance with this scale, despite its very high impact and abundant advertising aspect, is lower and more durable in terms of cost compared to other advertising methods. In addition, it is hoped that the construction of this gateway will play a significant role in boosting the deprived area of ​​its outskirts. The role that all successful urban symbols have always played in instilling a sense of pride, self-confidence and belonging to one’s place of residence.



Formally, this entrance has familiar signs of marine symbols such as fish, waves, sea and sail, but what is important in this symbol is its uniqueness, which can then be used as a memorable symbol. And Mandegar to be proposed for the General Administration of Ports and Maritime Affairs of Khuzestan Province. The element is covered with a tent structure that reminds the ship’s sails, will also give a beautiful effect to the structure and will leave a memorable image in the night lighting.