Entrance square of Imam Khomeini port

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Ports and Maritime Organization of Imam Port



Design Date

2006 - 2009


Wozwa Construction Company


Land area 40,000 square meters



First: This is a windmill! is not ?!

The second: not justified, a terrible wave!

Third: I think the nose of a ship! Maybe. . .

Fourth: No, in my opinion, this is a sailor, he is pulling two huge cables with force towards him!

Me: You are all right. . .

Maybe you are wrong. . .

I do not know !

I am glad !


This monument is designed as a symbol of navigation and ports and intends to induce a sense of familiar marine elements without direct and sculptural reference to the subject.
The contrast between the hardness and violence of the metal structure and the softness and flexibility of the tent structure has shown a kind of endless struggle. This struggle has become more intense and powerful with the collision of curved and smooth lines in the volume of the monoman.
The main flanges of this structure are designed exclusively for this project and show a unique combination of architecture and structure.

Structure :

In the design of the main structure, the basis of the arrangement of components has been the transfer of different forces from the most optimal path to the foundation and the structure has been optimized topology.
The resistance of the structure to the lateral load of the design (wind) is a combination of bending frame and bracing.
All sections used in the main components of the structure are of the thin wall type due to the optimization and the design of the joints has been with the same principle.