Gate of Knowledge (Architecture Competition)






Design Date



Total area of the building: 2000 square meters

Length: 400 meters

Width: 20 * 6



Thinkers see the coming decades as belonging to biotechnology.

The next age belongs to biotechnology, the core and foundation of which are biological molecules called DNA and RNA.

They are responsible for storing and transmitting biological information.

Human ability to use these molecules in technology has provided astonishing possibilities for technology and science.

The integration of technology and biological science has created new and astonishing horizons.

As electronics-based computers have been at the helm of all technology for the past 50 years, it is predicted that in the next 50 years, bio-based computers (DNA, RNA) in all areas of technology will make the impossible possible and capable thousands of times more powerful than supercomputers. Provide human electronics today.

Robotics as a common chapter of various sciences including electronics, hardware and software, computer and mechanics will see the potential of replacing itself with the use of biotechnology. Inspired by living organisms, biological machines will be the answer to sustainable development and productivity.

In fact, we have entered the age of modern technology based on biological microprocessors (Bio Chip). Microprocessors that are based on DNA and RNA bio molecules instead of electron chip-based microprocessors. These biological molecules remove many of the limitations of electronic computers and are more powerful than electronic supercomputers, giving us new horizons in various fields of practice and technology.

The idea of ​​the structure is inspired by DNA and RNA. A structure made of a few finite elements with simple rules, complex and astonishing structures in terms of form and capabilities. The volume depicts the glorious moment of information transfer from DNA to RNA.

In order to transmit information, the RNA molecule, which has a helical shape, is attached to the DNA molecule at points, and the data is transferred to the RNA molecule, which actually carries the information to the required points, through a molecular biological mechanism.

In this form, the ramp form is a symbolic representation of RNA and the bridge form is a magnificent image of DNA’s extraordinary masterpiece of nature.

And finally, the human-Ashraf creatures, whose movement on the bridge represents the flow of information transfer, and with its presence, the volume of the building is completed.