Kish Marine Control Tower Building

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Ports and Maritime Organization of Hormozgan


Hormozgan, Kish island

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  • This structure is a special marine structure and the idea of ​​its design evokes a powerful vortex of sliding non-concentric and unequal circles on top of each other, which calls everyone to itself; The form is clear, fluid, polished and designed with the architecture of the day to be a beautiful and memorable symbol for the beautiful island of Kish.
  • The tower will also be very important in terms of tourism, and certainly this maritime symbol, tourism has doubled due to the structural engineering design, frequent visits by foreign guests. Its design is also particularly sensitive in terms of functional complexity, value and symbolic importance
    The number of floors of the building consists of 12 floors with a height modulus of 20.4 with three floors on the ground, three upper floors and one middle floor.
  • Due to the observance of national regulations and especially Article 19 of wall construction, two types of Leica and 3D panels have been used, which are thermal and sound insulation.
  • Vertical communication in this building is provided by a 10-person elevator and a 13-person stretcher.
    The structure of the control tower will be designed from the type of concrete bending frame and execution of composite foundation with in-situ piles and improvement of the bed.
  • The foundation of the structure is of wide type and concrete piles under the foundation will be used to deal with the erection.