The symbol of 15 Khordad in Zanjan

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In this plan, the concept of revolution is shown in the movement of curves that start from different directions on the earth and move towards the sky for a holy and brilliant purpose in unity. The concept of rise and fall has been depicted with special emphasis on the number ٣ reminiscent of the month of June and using 15 vertical elements reminiscent of the fifteenth day. The dome lying on the floor of the square, as if it is the protruding part of a perfect sphere, depicts the concept of martyrdom and evokes the formal connection between the design of the square and the element of the Revolution Square in Zanjan. At the same time, it shows the bustle of the people around a valuable and single goal in the central point of the square. The three lattice elements are located in the golden point of the different colored elements, which with a design taken from the designs of Islamic geometry of Iran, in addition to emphasizing the spiritual and doctrinal aspect of this transcendent movement, depicts the concept of martyrdom in empty lattice spaces. The design of the plan and flooring has been done in coordination with the abstract concepts of the design and has been introduced in the presented views. Due to the inconsistency and inconsistency in the walls of the square, the design is designed in such a way that while presenting different and varied views of the streets leading to the square, with the utmost power, the observers pay attention to the center of the square and the general atmosphere of the heterogeneous walls Forgive. The specific plan of this city, this point and these key concepts have been designed and there is no similar example, but we consciously see the conceptual and formal relationship between this square and Zanjan Revolution Square in it. In order to preserve the valuable vegetation of the field, a very small, transparent and fluid design has been envisaged. The idea of ​​the design is completely original and unique, and an attempt has been made to give a special value to the aspect of tourist attraction and tourism. The concept of the design has a special transparency so that while maintaining the radius of view, it does not disturb and is not in harmony with the surrounding environment.