Zanjan Ofoqh Multifunctional Set

Mixed Use


Danesh Ab Zangan Company



Design Date





The project investor intends to build sustainable and efficient projects in partnership with the municipality to meet the needs of the citizens of Zanjan. The planned uses for this project include commercial, real estate, spiritual, residential and commercial, catering, driving and coffee shop, entertainment, office, cinema, theater, gallery, Hollyburn, Hour, etc .; It will cover a significant part of the deficit of uses in this area.

The goal of the founders of the project, while paying attention to the economic justification of the project on the one hand and providing various urban uses on the other hand, is to construct a permanent building as the symbol of Zanjan city. This building should have unique symbolic features and quickly be able to achieve the highest position in introducing the city of Zanjan.

The location of this building at the most important entrance of the city has given it a very special capability and can be an extraordinary indicator for the city of Zanjan and by constructing memorable projects to improve the position of Zanjan city compared to other cities in the country.